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Revised Syllabus for IRSEE Prob. Phase-I  - 1 
Revised Syllabus for IRSEE Prob. Phase-II  - 
Revised Syllabus for Appreciation Courses - 

Course Content for “New Development in General Services”  (NDGS)

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :     No. IC1 ,   IC2 , IC3, IC4

Syllabus for  IC -  Induction Course for Group B Officers

 DURATION                         :          06 Weeks 
 DESIGNED FOR                :           Group B � AEE/DEE

 COURSE DIRECTOR        :            Professor (TRD)

 OBJECTIVE  : To provide exposure in Traction Rolling Stock, EMU & Diesel Loco,  Traction Distribution, Train Lighting & Air conditioning,   General Services, Three Phase Loco and Power  Electronics , Condition Monitoring.

CONTENTS : Revised Syllabus for IC course (Six Weeks)

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. SPDP 1 to 4

 Sr. Professional Development Programme.

 DURATION                                     :         2    Weeks.

 DESIGNED FOR                            :          Group A Officers with 8-15 years service.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr. Professor (GS)

 OBJECTIVE                               :        To impart knowledge of  latest development in the field of Traction Distribution, Traction Rolling Stock, TL & AC and General Services with a view to improve upon the maintenance practice and failures analysis in line with the latest techniques, commensurate with technological developments.


Traction rolling stock (TRS)

*       Maintenance of conventional Ac locomotives

*       Maintenance of 3 phase locomotives and EMU

Traction operation

*      Rolling stock operation

*      Crew management

*      Power failure and remedial measures for on line failure

Train lighting

*      Train lighting maintenance including Alternators, batteries

General services

*      Pumps and Energy efficient pumping

*      Essentials of good lighting and Lighting design

*      LHB coaches

Traction distribution

*      Railway electrification overview

*      Latest developments in TRD subject

*      Principles of 2 x 25 KV OHE traction

Contract and arbitration


Stress management and Time management

Vigilance aspects

Condition monitoring including non-destructive testing

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE    :        No. DIT1, DIT 2, DIT 3.

Special Course for SAG Officers.

DURATION                                            :        8 Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                                     :       SAG.

COURSE DIRECTOR                              :        Sr. Professor (Admn)

OBJECTIVE        :       To familiarize with the latest   technologies critical for Electrical Department   of Indian Railway.  Also a project work assigned to participants by their respective CEEs to be useful for the field application.


*      Technological Developments in the field of Energy Management

*      Indian Electricity Act, 2003

*      Latest developments in 3 phase with special reference to locomotives , EMUs & Metro Stock.

*      Sensitization & exposure to  up-coming technology like Nano Technology, Green Buildings & possible applications in the Railways. 

*      Vigilance aspect, related to Contract Management & Right To Information Act

*      Organizational Leadership, Emotional Quotient, Time Management & Conflict Management.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE                 :        No. AIMM1, AIMM2, & AIMM3

Special  Course for SAG Officers.

DURATION                                          :           8 Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                                  :           SAG.

COURSE DIRECTOR                           :           Sr. Professor(Admn)

OBJECTIVE                              OBJECTIVE         To familiarize with the Advances in Maintenance Management system critical to Electrical Department   of Indian Railway.  Also a project work assigned to participants by their respective CEEs to be useful for the field application.


*      Maintenance management systems, different strategies & comparison  thereof.

*      Condition based maintenance & application on Railways.    

*      Indian Electricity Act, 2003

*      Maintenance technique specific to  3 phase with special reference to locomotives , EMUs & Metro Stock.

*      Sensitisation & exposure to  up-coming developments in maintenance management & possible  applications in the Railways. 

*      Vigilance aspect, related to Contract Management & Right To Information Act

*      Organizational Leadership, Emotional Quotient, Time Management & Conflict Management.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        LHBTLAC


Course Name : LHBTLAC-1, LHBTLAC -2 & LHBTLAC -3 in Course Calendar 2016-17

Duration :Two Week.

Course Director:Senior Professor (TLAC)

Objective:To make officers understandthe principles of working of various electronic hardware and software used in LHB Coaches.Also make them understand routine maintenance carried out at Coaching Depots so as to undertake trouble shootingand identify problems arising during service including scheduledmaintenance of LHB Coaches.

Course Content:

1.0. Conventional Coaches

1.1.TL Coaches-

·Train Lighting (TL ) Systems

·General scheme for Power Generation & Distribution.

·Circuit diagram for 25 kW Alternator Regulator with Over Voltage Relay.

·Various Electrical Equipments like Brushless Alternators and Drives; Rectifier cum Regulator (RRU); Electronic Rectifier Regulator Unit(ERRU); Batteries; Carriage Fan; Carriage Lighting etc.


·Fire hazards including Electrical fires – Causes and Prevention.

·Testing of Lead Acid Batteries.

·Reliability in Train Lighting.

·Maintenance of Train Lighting system.

·Failure analysis of TL coaches.

1.2.AC Coaches-

·Air-conditioning system including fundamentals.

·Comfort Air-conditioning.

·Performance characteristics of AC system.

·Heat Load calculations.

·Air-conditioning of Railway coaches.

·General schematic diagram of Power Generation & Distribution.

·Schematic diagram of AC Control Panel.

·Understanding Air-conditioning system.

·Roof mounted AC Package Unit for Railway coaches (RMPU).

·Schedule of activities during routine maintenance.

·Trip attention report of RMPU AC Plant.

·Monthly/3 monthly Attention Report for RMPU AC Plant

·Annual overhauling (AOH).

·Tests to be carried out on RMPU Coaches.

·Test Programme for AC Coaches.(ELPS/TP/AC/01-JAN 94)

·Works to be carried out during POH.

·List of “Must Change Items” for AC coaches during POH(RDSO PE/MI/AC/0001(Revision-1)July, 2006.

·Failure analysis of AC coaches.

·Reliability in AC coaches.

·(AC 2-Tier, AC 3-“Tier Sleeper “coaches”).

·“Bench marking” for providing Maintenance and Escorting staff for TL coaches as well as AC coaches.(Man Power Ratio calculation).

·Maintenance Log Sheet for AC coach.

·Escorting Log “Sheet for AC coach.

·Discussion on Agenda items of CESE Conference.

·Discussion 16/28 Point Action Plan issued by Railway Board.

2.0 LHB Coaches

·System of Train Lighting.

·Train numbering and Coach numbering.

·Air-conditioning of LHB Coaches.

·Important parameters of LHB Coaches.

·Overalldimensions of LHB Coach.

·Salient feature of LHB Coach like Coach Body; Car Body Shel; Heat & Sound Insulation; Passenger Emergency Alarm; Coach Lighting; Fiat Bogie; Centre Buffer Coupler; Lavatories; Controlled Discharged Toilet System etc.

·LHB Coach Electrical equipments like Switch Board; Micro processor Controlled AC package Unit (RMUP); Disconnecting an Earthing device; Compressor Units in RMPU; Heating Units in RMPU; Pressure transducers in RMPU; Control Panel; Micro Controller; Microprocessor based Controller for RMPU; Batteries; Battery Fuse Box (-ve); Battery Fuse Box (+ve); Internal Light Fittings; Regulated Battery Charger; Emergency Battery Charger, Condenser Motor; Blower Motor; Condenser Coil; Cooling Coil etc.

·Pantry Car – Integrated Modular Pantry Equipments like HotCase; Bottle Cooler; Deep Fridger; Fridge 300 Ltrs.; Horizontal Water Boiler 3 Nos.; Water purifier; Hot Plate 4x2 kW; Hot Plate 1x5.3 kW; Electric chimney; Oven, Toaster, Griller; Insect Killer etc.

·Power Car

·Reporting and analysis of equipment failure – Guide lines for analysis of equipment failures.

·Mounting position of UIC and IV Coupler.

·Preventive Management.

·Maintenance Schedule of LHB Coaches.

·Various electronic software & hardware used in LHB Coaches.

·Functions, Rating and Lay out of equipments.

·Block diagram/schematic diagram/wiring diagrams of various systems (lay out of wiring and underframe equipment).

·Running of Trains with EOG & HOG System (RDSO…….. Dt.20.10.2010).

·Fire in Coaches.

·Fire prevention in LHB coaches.

·Performance of LHB Coaches - Review decisions of MSG Meetings.

·Discussion on Agenda items of MSG Meeting.

·Discussion on Agenda items of ESC Meeting.

·Discussion on Agenda items of CESE Conference.

·Comparison of Air-conditioning in LHBand Conventional coaches.

·Trouble shooting of Äir-conditioning equipment.

·Visit to LHB Coach care centres.

3.0 Comparison

·Comparison of TLAC coaches with LHB Coaches – Advantages and Disadvantages.

4.0 Infrastructure required.

·Study of various infrastructure facilities at Mumbai Central, LTT, Wadibunder, CSTM Coach Care Centre.

5.0 Tender & Contracts

·Tendering process, Do’s & Don’ts with respect to Works Tenders.


COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. TRS1 to TRS4

Two Weeks course on TRS & TRO Subjects.

DURATION                                   :        2  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                          :        JS/SS (Officers of GS & TRD stream)

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :        Asstt.. Professor                                            

OBJECTIVE                                :        The course is aimed to impart knowledge about basic theory, design and features about locos including 3-Phase Loco and also in operation and maintenance of various locos officers of GS & TRD stream.



*                    Specific Energy Conservation: with a view to develop appropriate driving techniques.

*               Trouble shooting of electric locomotive.

*                Brake circuit problems (Demonstrations in loco lab).

*                Man Power Planning and motive power planning.

*                Review of power plan.

*                Optimization of crew and loco links, explanation of above procedures with case studies demonstrating the scope of savings in crew and locomotives. (use of computerized techniques for this purpose).

*                   Line haul cost and loco statistics.

*                Trip Shed maintenance.


*                   General description and equipment layout.

*                   VVVF Control of induction motor used on TM

*                   Description of power and auxiliary circuits (block diagram level).

*                   Control Electronics - 3 tier control system.

*                   Operation of locomotives including energisation, haulage, different modes of operation.

*                   Diagnostic system and trouble shooting.

*                   Trip schedule & handling of breakdowns.


*                    Evolution of locomotives

*                    Tractive Effort , Train Resistance

*                    Weight Transfer and Adhesion

*                   General description and equipment lay out.

*                   Control and power circuit of conventional locomotive

*                   Traction motor maintenance

*                   Pneumatic circuits.

*                   Maintenance Schedule and their periodicity.

*                   Activities in different schedules.



*                      Transformer and tap changer,

*               Cables and rotating machines &

*               Axles and armature shafts by UST of contacts by thermography.

*                MSG Items.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :       No.TRD1 To TRD3

2 Week  course on TRD Subject.

DURATION                                   :        2 Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JAG

COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr.Professor (TRD)

OBJECTIVE                                                    :   The course is aimed to impart Knowledge about TRD in general to Officers working in GS,TRS , TRO and Construction .


I.        OHE :

*      Stages of Railway Electrification. Types of Traction Distribution Systems on IR .

*      Details of OHE Conductors, Cantilever Assembly , contact wire height & stagger, Regulatory Equipments (ATD), Overlaps , turn outs , cross overs , Neutral sections: PTFE; Dynamic neutral section, Section insulators , Current collection dynamics, Principles of Sectioning, Structures and Foundations ,  FBM Code & selection of foundations, Bonding .

II.       PSI & SCADA :

*      Power Supply Systems.

*      Familiarization of Traction Sub-station - Equipments and layout.

*      Protective scheme of 25 kV AC Traction Sub-station.

*      Earthing.

*      Concept of SCADA


*      Salient features and Certification procedure & syllabus for Energy Auditor & Manager.

*      Energy Management in TRD Installations.


*      Salient Features.


*      Testing of  Transformer Oil.

*      Tan Delta Testing.

*      DGA Test.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :       No.RE1 &RE2

1 Week  course on TRD Subject.

DURATION                                   :      1 Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JAG/SG

COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr.Professor (TRD)


Design of Foundation, Selection of Masts, FBM Code,Types of cements, concrete materials for foundation (Measurements, mixing, curing, quality control etc.), Transmission Line (Survey, Sag Template chart, Tower Design, Foundation, relevant maintenance practices etc.), Special Design of Bridges, Clearance Study for Power Line Crossing, FOB, ROB, through Girder Bridges, Tender documents of OHE, Structure Design,Details of OHE, Design of Dropper/Cantilever, adjustment of ATD, Turn out & Cross overs,Power Supply System, Familiarization of Traction Sub-station,Protection Schemes,etc.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. SPE1

Railway Statistics.

 DURATION                                :           1 Week.

 DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JA.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Professor (Computer)

�          OBJECTIVE      :        To understand the statistics being maintained on Indian Railway pertains to electrical department.


*                          Various methods of maintaining statistics.

*                   Data from Year Book.

*                   Data on various topics such as AC/DC energy conservation.

*                   Locos.

*                   TRD.

*                   Plant & Equipment.

*                   Operations.

*                   Volume of Traffic.

*                   Employment and Wages.

*                   Financial Results.

*                   Data pertains to Electrical Department. in Railway's working.

*                   Line Haul Cost and SEC.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. TOT1, TOT2

Training of Trainers

DURATION                                        :        1 Week.

DESIGNED FOR                                :       TOT-1 at IRIEEN for Principles/Vice Principles(Gazetted                             

                                                                    only) of ETCs IR and TOT-2 for Instructors (Non-                             

                                                                    Gazetted ) of ETCs of IR at CETI Thakurli Mumbai.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                         :        Lecturer.

 OBJECTIVE         :        Methodology and coverage of training in various areas.


 Any topics on current Electrical Engineering in -

*                    Traction Rolling Stock (Maintenance).

*                   Traction Rolling Stock (Operation).

*                   Traction Distribution.

*                   Train Lighting.

*                   General Services & Air Conditioning.

*                   Instrumentation.

*                   Electronics.

*                   Computers.

*                   MSG Meeting with list of all subjects.

*                  RTI act & Disability act

*                  Presentation Skillls

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :       Audit1 & Audit 2

          Energy  Audit.  

DURATION                                    :        2 Weeks

 DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JAG.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Professor (G)

 OBJECTIVE                               :        To prepare the participants for obtaining the National Certificate for Energy Managers and Energy Auditors on Indian Railways.


*      Energy Perspective.

*      Energy Management.

*      Syllabus as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) to make the participants conversant so as to appear for the examination of Energy Auditors and Energy Managers.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE       :        Contract 1 & Contract 2

   Contract and Arbitration.

DURATION                                :        1 Week.

DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JAG.

COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr. Professor(TL)

OBJECTIVE                            :        To impart knowledge about preparation of Tender bid document / specification, execution of contracts and handling arbitration proceedings etc.


*        Legal connotations of Contract.

*        Classification of contracts.

*        Types of tenders.

*        Pre-tendering procedures: Tender Specification/Schedule framing,Framing of Special conditions, Estimate sanction.

*      General conditions of contract - Discussion of specific clauses.

*      Procedure for inviting tender : NIT, precautions to be observed, EMD,

*       Procedure for opening of tender.

*        Briefing Notes.

*        Tender Committee functions, , Negotiation

*      Tender Acceptance, Contract Management.

*      Contract  Termination (Clause 61), Determination (Clause 62), Risk & Cost Tenders.

*      Vigilance case studies

*      Arbitration: Act provisions, procedure of asking for arbitration, arbitrator appointment, conducting arbitration, drafting of award, review of award, challenging award, Clause 63 (expected matters) and Clause 64, Power of Courts, time limits at various stages as laid down in Act and GCC.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE    :        No. PD1,  PD2 & PD2.

Personality Development.  

DURATION                                    :        1 Week.

 DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JAG/SG.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr. Professor (Admn)

 OBJECTIVE                                :        Personality is a combination of multiple aspects of a human being.  The course is a confidence building process.  It helps one to understand better through the process of self-analysis.


*      I             Leadership skills.

*                   Communication skills

*                   Effective Time Management.

*                    Personal effectiveness

*                   Motivation

*                 Presentation skills

*                 Stress management

*                 Goal setting (Management by objectives)

*                 Emotional intelligence

*                  Management in government (sharing of experiences)

*                 Stress management

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. SJ 1

Special Course for IRSEE ( For the Batch which has completed 25 years of service )

DURATION                                :        3 days.

DESIGNED FOR                           :        IRSEE-1985 Batch Officers.

COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr. Professor (Admn)

OBJECTIVE                           :        Sharing of experience on Indian Railway.


Seminar and Group discussion on various topics pertaining to working on Railway Electrical Engineering (TRS, TRO, TRD, TL&AC, GS, Instrumentation, Condition Monitoring, Electronics, Computers etc.).

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             : Ref

Refresher Course for IRSEE

DURATION                                :         1 Week.

DESIGNED FOR                           :        IRSEE  

COURSE DIRECTOR                     :        Sr . Professor (EMU)

OBJECTIVE                               :        To discuss current problems in the field  Working and to find out possible solution in various areas of railway electrical engineering (viz. TRS / TRO / TRD/ TL&AC & GS etc.).



*                  Maintenance problems of important equipment like traction motors, pneumatic equipment and discussion of MSG items.


*                          Collection of evidences at accident site and accident enquiry, case studies, electric loco problems.  Three phase loco operation, wheel skidding, case study.


*                    Panto entanglement and OHE breakdown management.

 IV.      TL / AC & General Services.

*                  SMF Batteries, V belts, fire prevention in coaches, anti-theft measures for protection of TL material.  Maintenance of DG Sets.


*              I.E. Rules, Energy Conservation Act, Energy Audit.

*                 Problems of roof mounted units and extracts of MSG Meetings for AC Coach.

*                 Modern developments in AC coaches.

*                 Energy effective lighting system, Different failures in TL/AC�s .

*                 Global warning & Role of Electrical Engineers on Indian Railways.


*                    Application of Non Destructive Techniques/Condition Monitoring Tools in Maintenance Management.


*                  Contract management, dealing DAR cases in division, office procedure/file management.  Selection Procedures.  Tenders & Quotations.

COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :        No. MS1

Material Science Course for Working Officers.

 DURATION                                    :        1 Week.

 DESIGNED FOR                           :        JS/SS/JA.

 COURSE DIRECTOR                     :     Professor(G)

 OBJECTIVE                               :        To understand and appreciate the  Specifications of components and materials correctly in order to understand the working of equipment of diverse makes and designs as well why and how it fails.


*    Classification of materials � metallic, polymer, ceramic & composite.

*    Structure of materials � atomic, micro and macro.

*    Properties of materials � physical, mechanical and chemical.

*    Basics of Ferrous Metallurgy � explanation of iron-carbon diagram, TTT etc.

*    Different types of steel and Heat treatment of steel.

*    Non-Ferrous Metals � copper, aluminum, and various alloys.

*    Polymers � general classification, rubber, paints & lubricants.

*    Ceramics � types and properties.

*    Composites � types and properties.

*    Testing of material � for hardness, tensile, impact, metallography etc.

*      Fasteners and Welding.

*     Non Destructive Testing Methods � Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrate Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Acoustic Emission Testing, Thermal Imaging (Infra Red) Testing, Radiography, Vibration testing, Shock Pulse Measurement, Wear Debris Analysis, etc.Condition Monitoring of insulating oil, cables, transformers, and motors. Insulation Resistance, PI, DAR, SV, DD, PDC, RVM Tests, C and tanδ measurement, and Partial Dicharge



COURSE NUMBER & TITLE             :    COMP1, COMP2 & COMP3         Special  Course on COMPUTERS

DURATION                                    :        1 Weeks

 DESIGNED FOR                           :        Officers of all Departments (upto SG)

 COURSE DIRECTOR                    :        Professor (Computer)                                             

OBJECTIVE                                  :      

*        To equip with working  knowledge along with hands on training of  basic office automation tools.


*    Coverage of all features of entire Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Access  and Power Point

*     Basics of Database Management Design covering aspects of table design, query , forms, reports .

*     Networking & Data Communication including brief introduction to networking protocols,

*     Network design, network hardware and software selection.

*    AutoCAD


 Special  Course On EMU & MEMU

DURATION                              :      1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JS/SS (Officers working in EMU & MEMU  Sheds)

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      Asst Professor  

OBJECTIVE                             :     The course is aimed to impart knowledge about   basic theory, design and features of EMU & MEMU including 3-        Phase and also operation and maintenance of EMU                                              


I.          EMU & MEMU  OPERATION :

*    Train resistance - Speed Time Curve,  tractive effort, haulage power, with a view to help the participants to decide the choice of  EMU in suburban & MEMU in Main Line service.

*    Specific Energy Conservation: with a view to develop appropriate driving techniques.

*    Study of Power, Auxiliary and Light and fans and signalling circuit; Trouble shooting of  EMU & MEMU.

*    Study of Brake circuit and its problems.

*    Man Power Planning and requirement of EMUs in service.

*    Line haul cost and EMU statistics.

II.         3-PHASE EMUs/MEMUs (Future Prospective)  :

*    General description and equipment layout.

*    VVVF Control of induction motor used as TM

*    Description of power and auxiliary circuits (block diagram level).

*    Control Electronics.

*    Operation of 3-Phase EMUs including energisation, different modes of operation.

*    Diagnostic system and trouble shooting.

*    Maintenance schedule & handling of breakdowns.


*    General description and equipment lay out.

*    Maintenance Schedule and their periodicity.

*    Activities in different schedules.

*    Out station  maintenance.

*    Study of Air Spring in Secondary suspension.


*    Transformer oil,

*    Cables and rotating machines

*    Axles and armature shafts by UST;  Contacts by thermography; Pins & cottors by magnetic particle and die penitration test;


 Special  course on Quality of Inspection  &                                                          Testing & Testing Principles.

DURATION                              :      1  Weeks

DESIGNED FOR                      :      JS/SS /JAG

COURSE DIRECTOR             :      Sr.Professor(G)   

OBJECTIVE                       :     To impart knowledge about Quality control mechanisms


*     1.  Quality � concept, factors affecting quality, cost of quality, variability, SD.

*    Quality Control � Need for Statistical Quality Control (SQC), SQC tools.

*    Methods of SQC � Control Charts, process limits, process capability, etc.

*    Inspection by sampling � need & comparison with 100% inspection.

*    Inspection by attributes, Inspection by variables, sampling, sample-size.

*    Acceptance Sampling, OC curve, AQL, LTPD, Sampling Plans, etc.

*    Normal, reduced, tightened & discontinue of inspection.

*    Experience sharing by Officers from M/S RITES.

*    TPM, TQM, Six Sigma and Lean control.


   Special course on Electric Traction Operation

DURATION                              :      1 Week.

DESIGNED FOR                      :      JAG/SAG

COURSE DIRECTOR             :      Sr.Professor(TRD)   

OBJECTIVE                           :     Making Trainees aware about the TRO Organization Concepts and Functioning


*     Train Dynamics � Adhesion, train-resistance, tractive effort (TE) etc.

*    Loco Haulage Capability � Load Tables, TE vs. Speed Curves.

*    Enginemanship � Good driving, steps to avoid stalling, parting & large SEC.

*    Loco Requirement � Assessment based on Power Plan, Pass train links.

*    Crew Requirement � Assessment based on Power Plan, duty-hr, train links.

*    Crew Training � Initial, promotional, refresher and simulator training, ZTC.

*    Working of TLC organization � Coordination with Tfc, FOIS, duties of TLC, etc

*    Working of Crew Depot � Rest, PME, Road Learning, Yard Detention, etc.

*    Management of Running Room and Trip Shed.

*     Duties of ALP, LP, LI and CCOR.

*     Line Haul Cost and SEC.

*    Safety Items to be monitored by TRO organization, Disaster Manaement.

*     TRO Performance Parameters.



Duration                :       1 week

Designed for           :      JS/SS/JAG/SG

Course Director        :     Sr professor (TL)

OBJECTIVE:  To impart  training regarding Passenger amenities and Modernisation


*    Modern Passenger amenities in coaches

*    Passenger amenities at stations

*    Salient features of LHB coaches

*    Comfort air conditioning  in LHB coaches

*    VVVF drives

*    Motivation/stress management

*    Design of good lighting in coaches/stations

*    Latest developments like facade lighting / LED lighting (Visiting faculty)

*    Green building technologies


   Special  Course On Electric Lighting

DURATION                              :        1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JS/SS/JAG/SG

COURSE DIRECTOR               :      Sr. Professor (GS)   

OBJECTIVE                             :     Modern Train Lighting concepts


*    Light Sources

*    Design of Good lighting

*    Latest trends in lighting (Visiting Faculty)

*    Visit to lighting products factory

*    Visit to photometric laboratory

*    Lighting design using software

*    Energy conservation in lighting

*    Clean development mechanism (Visiting Faculty)

*    Contract and arbitration


   Special  Course  On exploitation of Non �

    Conventional Energy sources

DURATION                              :         1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JAG/SAG

COURSE DIRECTOR               :       Sr.Professor(GS)   

OBJECTIVE                             :  

                                                   To increase awareness about Non Conventional  Energy Sources 


*    Power scenario and renewable energy

*    Clean development mechanism and Global warming (Visiting faculty)

*    Fuel cell technologies

*    Modern Lighting including LED lighting

*    Developments in Solar energy

*    Details of wind turbine and developments(Visiting faculty)

*    Visit to wind farm of M/S Suzlon

*    Motivation/stress management

*    Energy conservation


 Special  Course On Development in   Technologies for Motive Power.

DURATION                              :      1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JAG/SAG

COURSE DIRECTOR               :      Professor (Electronics)   

OBJECTIVE                             :  A course   is designed to impart insight into the latest development in the field of Electric Traction Technology


*    Development to bogies ,

*    Traction Motors Braking Traction Control systems;

*    Cab Signalling

*     Loco superstructure

*     EMU

*     Auxiliaries ,

*     Protection Systems

*     3 phase locomotives

*     Brain Storming sessions.

COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE   :    Elect1, Elect2 & Elect3                                                         

 Special  course on Electronics

DURATION                              :      2  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :    JS/SS 

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      Professor (Electronics)   

OBJECTIVE                             :     To familiarize with principles of working, testing of  electronic devices.  AC/DC drive system used on railways.  Theory and application of microprocessors on railways.


*    Semi-conductor devices, power diodes, power transistor, SCR, Triac, GTO, IGBT.

*    Power electronics: Rectifiers, DC Chopper, Inverters.

*    Electric drives. (D.C. Drives and A.C. Drives).

*    Instrumentation system.

*    Microprocessors and micro controllers.

*    Digital Electronics. (Logic gates, Coder, Decoders, MUX, Demux, Flipflop, D latch, Counters, Registors, Memories).

*    Analog electronics (operational amplifiers) - Transducers, single conditioners.

*    Application of electronics to machine tools.


  One day seminar on Clean Development                                                         Mechanism.

DURATION                              :      One day.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      All Electrical Department Officers

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      Professor(Loco)   

OBJECTIVE       :    To impart basic knowledge pertaining to 

Clean Development Mechanism .


*    Global warming ,

*    Clean Development Mechanism ,

*    CDM project cycle ,

*    Approved methodologies in Energy Conservation .


 One day seminar on Energy Conservation

                                                            Building Code.

DURATION                              :      One day.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      All Electrical Department Officers

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      SR.Professor(GS)   

OBJECTIVE                             :     To impart basic knowledge pertaining to 

Energy Conservation Building Code .


*     Energy Conservation Building Code ,

*    Gruha Rating and Case study in improving performance of buildings.


 Special  Course On Development &    Improvement in Design in OHE.

DURATION                              :      1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JS/SS/JAG

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      SR.Professor(TRD)   

OBJECTIVE                             :     To impart knowledge pertaining to

Design and development in design of OHE and PSI .


Design of droppers , cantilevers , structures and foundations . Capacitor Bank design , Earthing Design . Developments in OHE and PSI design .


 Special  Course On Emerging Technologies

                                                           For Metro

DURATION                              :      1  Weeks.

DESIGNED FOR                        :      JS/SS/JAG

COURSE DIRECTOR                  :      Professor (ELECTRONICS)   

OBJECTIVE                                  :     A curtain raiser course for Railway and Metro Railway officers to give idea about Metro Rail Projects.

CONTENTS            :    

*    Metro Traffic Planning

*    Scope of Metro Projects

*    Metro Projects Financing

*    Metro Project Execution scheduling

*    Rolling Stock Technology Options

*    Track Technology Options

*    Technologies for signalling

*    Manpower planning for maintenance.

Source : IRIEEN CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-03-2019  

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